Support for Children’s Social Workers

Working together to protect children has never been more critical. Children’s Services are in crisis due to an unprecedented volume of referrals.  It is a well known fact that parenting capacity challenges and needs involving adults experiencing domestic abuse, mental health difficulties, and substance misuse are the most common reasons… [ Read More ]

Our Approach

Behind our training programmes, interventions and resources is a team with first-hand experience working in child protection and managing frontline workers. Our programmes have purpose because we recognise the problems and we understand what needs to change. As a result, we focus on complex cases that require specialist understanding and… [ Read More ]

What Gets Measured Gets Done!

We are passionate about outcomes. An evidence-based approach is the only way to prove that our learning and development opportunities yield results. When working with clients, we use the Theory of Change, Logic Model approach for measuring the learning opportunity’s effectiveness. We guide clients through the process to ensure they achieve their… [ Read More ]

Domestic Abuse Case Consultations

A specialist service from our Colleagues at Mayday Domestic Abuse Services Domestic abuse case consultation, practitioner coaching, investigation and report writing for complex cases is a bespoke service.   [ Read More ]

Child and Family Assessments

Let us help you identify good practice in cases child and family assessments.  By doing so, so you can harness and disseminate information to practitioners, all while getting the evidence you need to commission effective interventions. Case Review and Good Practice Using our Theory of Change (ToC) model, we work… [ Read More ]


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Case Review and Good Practice

Using our Theory of Change (ToC) model, we work with local authorities to review child protection plans in domestic abuse cases usually covering 5-7 years. Guided by the local authority, we review the required topics and evidence before reporting our findings. We also share good practices from other local authorities’ review findings. With input from our colleagues at Mayday Domestic Violence services.


Specialist Assessments

We offer assessment services in complex domestic abuse and parental alienation cases. Our domestic abuse specialists and Independent Social Workers (ISW) perform domestic abuse assessments, parenting assessments, court reports and trauma-informed family assessments. In complex child protection cases, they will also work with local authorities to guide child and family assessments.


Parenting Assessment

We offer quality assessments undertaken in accordance by ISW who are PAMS or Parent Assess trained. with the client’s guidance – so if you would like our ISW are PAMS and Parent Assess trained. Working within the Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families,” we use a trauma-informed approach to systematically collect and analyse information to support interventions.



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Co-parenting Without Conflict

This toolkit is printed in black and white but is available in colour.Looking for something new and innovative to assess and support parents to co-parent, then look no further. We aim to support [ Read More ]


Child and Family Assessment

Child and Family Assessment - Notebook for Children Social Workers Our A4 Child and Family Assessment Notebook contain key points that are crucial to protection and safeguard. Included are pointers from [ Read More ]


Worker Smarter NOT Harder

all social workers who want to change their way of working to achieve work-life balance, you now have the opportunity to do this and make the difference you want to see. This guidance provides [ Read More ]



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We provide expert support and assessment in complex child protection cases concerning coercive control, narcissistic abuse, domestic abuse, and parental alienation.
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