Engaging with Fathers

A father’s ability to protect his child is often overlooked by practitioners working with children and families. Fathers play a significant role in their child’s development and emotional well-being but risk adverse narratives fuelled by the media and mothers claiming fathers “don’t care” are contributing to poor outcomes for children.
Offering evidence-based support with only one parent and their child is unlikely to be effective when there is ongoing poorly resolved conflict between parents.

Target Audience

We targeted this programme to everyone who work together to safeguard children or who works directly with families. So far, we have had participants from children’s services, schools, health, mental health and the voluntary sector.

Learning Objectives

By attending this one day programme, practitioners will overcome their own fears by engaging with both parents and support fathers to make positive changes to support their children by:

  • Approaching the conflict through a Trauma Lens
  • Exploring the complexities of relationships and the language and judgements around this – e.g. men as perpetrators/women as victims
  • Educating mothers about the benefits of involving fathers
  • Incorporating the fathers’ strengths
  • Linking thoughts and feelings to behaviour
  • Empowering practitioners to explore their own beliefs
  • Supporting fathers to understand how unresolved trauma and ACEs informs current behaviours
  • Promoting effective communication between fathers and their children