Child and Family Assessments

Let us help you identify good practice in cases child and family assessments.  By doing so, so you can harness and disseminate information to practitioners, all while getting the evidence you need to commission effective interventions.

Case Review and Good Practice

Using our Theory of Change (ToC) model, we work with local authorities to review child protection plans in domestic abuse cases usually covering 5-7 years. Guided by the local authority, we review the required topics and evidence before reporting our findings. We also share good practices from other local authorities’ review findings. With input from our colleagues at Mayday Domestic Abuse Services, we can suggest alternative programmes or interventions as appropriate. [ Read More ]

Our team and associates have worked for 46 local authorities as social workers, senior practitioners, advanced practitioners, deputy team members, team managers, child protection conference chairs and independent review officers. Discussions about the various assessments we have completed and the local authorities’ approach generated some interesting points.

We considered our experience and the research evidence relating to child and family assessments for child protection conferences. There are many outstanding examples of assessments with evidence of good practice. 

Still, local authorities have failed to implement a system that identifies quality assessments and uses this information to improve practice. There is also a lack of peer-reviewed research to support the efficacy of domestic abuse intervention programmes in child protection cases.

To address these challenges, we suggest that managers and independent review officers (IRO) who chair child protection conferences are ideally placed to identify child and family assessments and evidence what works. Such a strategy can help local authorities train newly-qualified social workers and develop good practices. They will also have evidence to commission interventions that produce results.

Specialist Assessments

We offer assessment services in complex domestic abuse and parental alienation cases. Our domestic abuse specialists and Independent Social Workers (ISW) perform domestic abuse assessments, parenting assessments, court reports and trauma-informed family assessments. In complex child protection cases, they will also work with local authorities to guide child and family assessments.