Theory of Change


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Mayday’s Theory of Change (TOC) system for (1) Reducing Parental Conflict (2) Domestic Violence & Abuse and (3) Child Neglect.


Our TOC is designed to make it easier to focus on outcomes for children and their families. It was originally designed to scrutinise the effectiveness of Child Protection and Child in Need plans but can be used for many other interventions in the sector.

Theory of Change (TOC) model- we have called it the Logic Model but don’t let that put you. The process is designed to help you create your TOC document without any fuss. We have taken the hard work out of you developing a TOC by designing as system complete with 88 indicators and 23 outcomes that you can use for your intervention, project or service.

This is a product designed by people who work in the sector and are passionate about meeting the needs of children and their families. We believe that evaluating whether the services or interventions you provide is a vital part of the work we do. It matters because it helps us to find out whether the interventions are beneficial, whether they are making a difference in the lives of children and their families. This is where our TOC and evaluation process (Logic Model Creator) can help you and make the process less daunting.

Our Logic Model Creator helps you to create an editable graphic representation in six steps. These steps will help you to focus on the needs of children and their families – specifically how you use the allocated resources to achieve the desired outcomes.

Knowing what you want to achieve will be less daunting as we have created a database of desired outcomes and indicators which you can use to populate your Logic Model. Our database of outcomes and indicators has been created to help you draft three types of Logic Models that respond to:

  1. Reducing Parental Conflict and the Negative Impact on Children
  2. Reducing Domestic Violence and Abuse and the Negative Impact on Children
  3. Improving Child Protection Outcomes for Children and Reducing Child Neglect

Note: Throughout the logic model building process, we will use ‘Service’ to mean initiatives, interventions, projects, and programmes.

Once you have created our Logic Model, you will be able to edit it by either downloading a copy in Microsoft Word or save it and return to it on our system as and when you need to.

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