Trauma Informed Complex Co-Parenting

This one-day workshop aims to equip practitioners with the skills and knowledge to work more confidently with parents who are displaying complex and challenging behaviour. Parents may have experienced their own Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) resulting from intergenerational destructive parental conflict and can struggle to acknowledge their behaviour is adversely impacting the children. They can feel judged and blamed and often withdraw from support as many practitioners focus on the presenting symptoms and may be fearful of making things worse.

Learning Objectives

This programme will empower front line practitioners to use their professional curiosity and improve outcomes with families by:

  • Understanding how the “Grey Areas” between Parental Conflict and Domestic Abuse are causing harm to the child
  • Exploring the parallels highlighted in recent Serious Case Reviews.
  • Recognising and responding to the signs of Parental Alienation
  • Exploring how unconscious bias can be a barrier to achieving positive outcomes
  • Approaching the families through a Trauma Lens
  • Engaging more confidently with challenging parents
  • Incorporating Social Graces to build rapport with parents and children
  • Confidently capturing the child’s lived experience by identifying their role within the conflict
  • Providing tools and strategies to improve communication between practitioners and families.