We have a series of very popular training courses, which we have been delivering to professionals working with Children and Families. Our courses focus on helping Practitioners respond effectively to some of the problems that cause referrals to statutory Children Social Care. For example, domestic violence and abuse, family conflict, parental conflict and we provide a service that invites you to create your own course.

By creating your own course, you will have a tailored version of our courses or an original programme that respond to the problems your staff are encountering. We collaborate with clients to pick and mix their programmes from existing courses. This way, you know you are getting what you want or need.

When we give you a quote for your training, the preparation and documentation are included. The only additional charge would be travel expenses (and accommodation if applicable). Creating an original programme from scratch will incur developmental charges. If you would like to talk to us directly about your in-house training requirements, we will be happy to do so via a virtual meeting.