Co-parenting Without Conflict

Co-parenting Without Conflict




Note: This toolkit is printed in black and white but is available in colour.Looking for something new and innovative to assess and support parents to co-parent, then look no further. We aim to support parents to co-parent their children without conflict, so reducing parental conflict is our ultimate goal. Mayday professionals work primarily in the sector that is concerned with safeguarding children and supporting families to make sure children have good outcomes and better life chances. We say Practitioners we mean everyone who works with children and their families e.g., social workers, family support workers, early intervention workers, health visitors, teams based in multi-agency safegaurding hub, and school staff. The toolkit is a versatile document with which we aim to: •Upskill professionals about parental conflict and how it affects children•Help Practitioners complete direct work with parents and children•Designing workshops for parents•Design training courses for staff who are supporting parents in conflict•Capture and use the child’s voice – making sure it is inherent in every aspect of the work we do with families. The toolkit is part of Mayday’s intervention programme where we train Practitioners to deliver conflict resolution sessions to parents whether they are together or not. It’s about co-parenting with the children being the primary focus. The toolkit is compatible with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) programme ‘Reducing Parental Conflict’ and we have drawn on the evidence-based research to underpin the contents. Having worked on the frontline of child protection, I know that these tools work, and Practitioners will find them a valuable addition to the other tool. You’ve tried the rest… now try something different.


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